All Aboard for DigiTown

Looking for an exciting way to introduce young children to the opportunities and challenges of using digital tools responsibly before they begin using social media? Insight's All Aboard for DigiTown may be just what you are looking for. A classroom version  for online lessons is now available too, and the Icelandic version was launched this week. French, Dutch and Arabic versions are coming soon. 

Moroccan Children & the Internet

Cyberbullying, cyberintimidation, sextortion, addiction... Moroccan children find themselves helpless in front of these dangers. Not only victims, but unfortunately, many young people also become actors of these acts.

Among children, 80% spend most of their time in front of screens, 58% of them access Facebook and 22% think that the Internet represents no danger. As for parents, 41% think that children should learn good practices at school and only 28% have the necessary skills to accompany their children on the Internet.

In the absence of clear legal rules to fight cybercrime, it appears that the solution lies mainly in education and awareness actions.

Faced with this worrying situation, several organizations have already started to react by raising awareness among children about the Internet and its dangers. Insight is also involved in training Moroccan children, professionals and parents through workshops and activities. Insight also uses its digital compass to reinforce published studies.

Trip to Morocco

Children in Morocco are the biggest users of digital technology Africa, which underlines the need for them to learn how to connect safely. Insight, in collaboration with the Council of Europe and the CMRPI, has spent the last two weeks in Rabat, bringing together parent associations, mobile providers, tech companies and government representatives to listen to the challenges and share ideas and good practice. In July and August, children in Rabat will polish their internet safety skills in daily workshops organised by the Association Ibny.


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Looking back on 2020

2020 was a crazy year for most and, nevertheless, a year of opportunity and innovation for Insight. Founder-director, Janice Richardson, was able to put to good use remote teaching strategies developed in her native Australia to support schools, industry and international institutions to meet challenges brought by the closure of schools due to Covid-19. In the annual report that you can download here, we looked back through the year’s events under the umbrella of several overarching themes that together describe the vocation of Insight: online well-being, research and innovation, and working with youth. Here you will be able to find the highlights of the previous year. We’re looking forward to what the next years will bring us!


Download the annual report here.

Insight's perspective on governments' role in digital innovation in education

The Covid sanitary crisis has been a watershed experience for us all, pushing our pragmatism to the limit and leaving behind those unable to innovate. In a keynote to European academics on 12 May, Insight looked at the ingredients of entrepreneurship and the levers that make or break innovative initiatives. The session is one of a series implemented by the EdTech project, led by 4 top universities in Spain, Belgium, Finland and the UK, funded by the European Commission.