Artificial Intelligence and Education

Artificial Intelligence is currently a buzz word in education, and Insight is proud to be contributing to ongoing AI and Education discussions at the Council of Europe and UNESCO. Find the article and the report here.


Insight's partnership with Snapchat

Insight is starting a new partnership with Snapchat. Snapchat is an app that allows you to share photos and videos with others online. But unlike Facebook and Instagram, the content isn’t stored permanently. Once it’s viewed, it disappears and becomes irretrievable. If someone would want to save it or take a screenshot, you receive a notification of this.
Since spring 2016, Snapchat consistently ranks as the most important social network for teenagers in the United States. There are over 210 million active Snapchat users. Snapchat is how teens communicate.
The partnership is happening not only to stay updated on emerging trends in social media, but also to ensure that platforms and tools are developed with young users in mind. 
Read the press release here.

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Back to school

The first weeks of a new school year can be challenging for students, parents and teachers. It is however also an ideal moment to get children thinking about what it means to be a respectful citizen in today's complex online and offline world. The Back-to-school leaflet offers a few practical ideas for parents and teachers on how to go about it. It is available in several languages. Check it out!

Safety Advisory Board

Insight is in California this week, attending Facebook’s international Safety Advisory Board meeting. We’ve been a member of the board for the past 7 years because you can’t work with children and teens successfully without a deep understanding of the environments they use for learning and socializing. The role of the board is to advise the Meta team on safety and well-being risks of next-generation tools. We also get to share information from our experience in Europe and North Africa with board members active in very different parts of the world such as India, Taiwan and Brazil. Insight’s users reap the benefits of our collaboration with Meta, and the support we get as advisors enables us to invest in research and programmes that make our efforts even more effective.  


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Join our research

Pic survey1Insight is researching the growing gap between the skills of  tertiary graduates and the expectations of employers in the tech and cybersecurity industry, and we're interested in hearing your views. We kindly invite you to fill out our survey.


Anti-bullying campaign

Bullying is a challenge for most young people, and even more so in Morocco. Yesterday Insight joined forces with the national government, NGOs, the CoE and the EC, and several innovative teens to launch an anti-bullying campaign that will run until Safer Internet Day in February 2022.


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