EuroDIG meeting in Tampere

Insight is a member of the IS3C, an internet standards, safety and security coalition ( within the UN’s Internet Governance Forum, and Chair of the coalition’s Education and skills working group. On 20 June, we organised and chaired an interactive session on cybersecurity education at the EuroDIG meeting held in the Tampere University in Finland. Together with panelists Wout de Natris (IS3C coordinator), Julia Piechna (NASK, Poland) and Kseniia Gnitko (ISOC Youth), the audience discussed and voted on ways to best meet the growing cybersecurity challenges the world is facing. Improved collaboration between industry and education sectors emerged as an essential starting point, with two thirds of the public also underlining the need to teach cybersecurity from early childhood onwards and to facilitate mid-career changes for employees interested in working in cybersecurity. In coming months, Insight will join forces with the IS3C and NASK to build a cybersecurity hub, building on findings from a worldwide study conducted by Insight ( and released at the IGF in Ethiopia last year. The hub would not only strive to foster collaboration between all key stakeholders, but also open training opportunities for underserved populations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Learn more at