Moroccan Children & the Internet

Cyberbullying, cyberintimidation, sextortion, addiction... Moroccan children find themselves helpless in front of these dangers. Not only victims, but unfortunately, many young people also become actors of these acts.

Among children, 80% spend most of their time in front of screens, 58% of them access Facebook and 22% think that the Internet represents no danger. As for parents, 41% think that children should learn good practices at school and only 28% have the necessary skills to accompany their children on the Internet.

In the absence of clear legal rules to fight cybercrime, it appears that the solution lies mainly in education and awareness actions.

Faced with this worrying situation, several organizations have already started to react by raising awareness among children about the Internet and its dangers. Insight is also involved in training Moroccan children, professionals and parents through workshops and activities. Insight also uses its digital compass to reinforce published studies.