Parents have their say as SmartBus hits the road again in Iceland


The Huawei SmartBus project is designed by Insight to deliver a high-quality, evidence-based educational programme to school students around Europe on issues of high importance in the digital age. The SmartBus sessions took place in Iceland, Denmark and Finland in the end of 2020; eventually designed as a virtual tour.

The survey results, highlight important issues that awareness raising campaigns targeting children in the three Nordic countries need to immediately take into account. Several issues concerned social media profiles like privacy, what online ‘friends’ may actually be, or ‘the real me’. The digital footprint and reputation, online bullying, respect and empathy online as well as respecting other people’s privacy were hot issues too.

The SmartBus will now be back in business in Iceland, but this time with another focus: parents. We are curious to see which results will come out and how they will differ from or accord with the view of children.