Cybersecurity webinar on 24 May 2023

Join our webinar on Wednesday, 24 May at 16.30 CEST to meet top innovators and educators and have your say on strategies to raise the level of cybersecurity for all.

Cybersecurity conference

NASK conf 18 APrCybersecurity is becoming increasingly important for all of us, with so much of our personal information accessible online. On 18 April, we’ll lead a discussion in Poland on the findings and recommendations from our recent Closing the Gap study. Download the IS3C leaflet to learn more, or join us at a future event.

AI in education: Threats or opportunities?

AI in EdIn February, Insight gave the opening presentation on this hot topic in a webinar organised by the European Wergeland Centre (EWC) and attended by nearly 70 participants. Speakers shared a range of ideas, approaches and practical activities to navigate AI-based concepts in the classroom.

SmartBus 2023: Off to a great start!

Insight launches a 2023 version of the SmartBus in Finland, Iceland and Sweden this week. In 2022, we reached more than 2000 teens with our innovative internet safety sessions animated by local magicians, and using Insight’s digital compass platform. Download the 2022 report here

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Global citizenship education - Preparing citizens for an equitable, sustainable future

Insight’s broadly ranging activities all focus on providing equal opportunities for learners everywhere, regardless on national contexts and constraints. On Saturday 11 March, we addressed an audience of educators in Iran to share ideas on education for the 21st century. The presentation can be found here

21st century literacy

Kids Corner

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  • Digital Citizenship

    Digital CitizenshipDigital citizenship competences (values, attitudes, skills and knowledge) shape how we act in the digital world, and how ethically it will evolve. We work in multi-stakeholder partnership with institutions, industry, national governments, universities and NGOs worldwide to develop educational tools and services to empower young people as responsible digital citizens. 2019 has seen the launch of the Council of Europe’s Digital Citizenship Education Handbook co-authored by Insight experts and, on November 21, the adoption of a recommendation to integrate digital citizenship education into school curricula in its 47 member countries.

  • Data Protection

    HaveYourSayEducation alone is not enough to protect children. It’s necessary to be involved in research in digital technology, and work hand in hand with industry, governments and international institutions to future-proof tools and platforms, shape policy and ensure broad reach. Insight is part of Facebook’s Safety Advisory Board, Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, and the Council of Europe’s Digital Citizenship Education working group. It’s proud to be recognised as a source of creative ideas and a trusted partner to dozens of such entities, yet to speak out loudly and clearly when children’s rights are at stake.

  • Anti Bullying

    Bullying2Anti-bullying initiatives include the EU-funded programme ENABLE, subject of a publication with the Council of Europe entitled Bullying: perspectives, practice and insights. 

    We actively support the NoBully Power of Zero Power of Zero anti-bullying programme (USA-based), and implemented workshops and more with the Ministry of Education in Seychelles.

  • Child Protection

    ProtectionThe most powerful way to help children become responsible internet users and stay safe online is through education. We create and implement innovative approaches, tools and publications for children and their families, teachers and community. One such tool is the Council of Europe’s Internet Literacy Handbook (4th revised edition), co-authored by Insight experts since its inception in 2003. The 2019 SMART bus tour is another example, now being rolled out by magicians in secondary schools in the Netherlands and Belgium. SMART sums up the Insight approach - Social sense; My footprint; Access to opportunities; Rights and responsibilities; Trust.